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Business License
  • SMATE Human Rights Certification
    Greenwood has passed the SMETA certification. SMETA is a social responsibility audit aimed at ensuring that companies meet certain standards in terms of employee rights, environment, business ethics, and supply chain management. Passing the SMETA certification means that Greenwood has developed a series of policies and measures to ensure that their production and operations do not have a negative impact on employees, society, and the environment. This further proves that Greenwood's production and operations are sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible. Drop us a line if you want a full report.
    Mar 16,2023
  • FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)Certification
    Greenwood is a Ukrainian manufacturer that specializes in producing Eco-friendly disposable cutlery. We have passed the FSC COC100% certification, which means that the wood used in our products comes from forests certified by FSC. This is an important certification that demonstrates that Greenwood's cutlery production does not cause forest destruction and is in line with environmental standards. By using Greenwood's products, people can enjoy convenient dining services while also protecting the environment.
    Mar 15,2023
  • BRC Management System Certification
    Greenwood Ukraine is a company that focuses on producing eco-friendly cutlery. Our products adhere to the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development, aiming to reduce pollution and resource consumption. To ensure product quality and a sanitary production environment, we strictly manage our manufacturing system in the factory. We have a complete quality management system, where each production process undergoes rigorous testing and monitoring to ensure the product meets international quality standards. At the same time, we emphasize employee training and health management, guaranteeing the welfare and rights of our employees. We encourage our workers to learn and innovate, constantly improving product quality and manufacturing technology to meet market demand. Our eco-friendly cutlery products have received BRC certification and Grade AA rating, which recognize and affirm our level of management and product quality. We will continue to uphold the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development, constantly improving our manufacturing level and providing consumers with higher quality products and services.
    Apr 7,2023
Product Certificates
  • LFGB Product Test Report
    Greenwood's Ukrainian wooden disposable eco-friendly tableware has passed the LFGB inspection and meets the high requirements of the European market, ensuring the safety and sustainability of the product. We research and develop eco-friendly tableware to provide consumers with healthier and more environmentally friendly dining experiences. We will continue to improve product quality and environmental standards to provide customers with the best products and services. Thank you for your support and trust in us. Drop us a line if you want a full report.
    Mar 16,2023
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