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Wooden Forks Wholesale

Wooden Forks Wholesale

Greenwood's Disposable wooden forks made from birch wood are a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. These forks are biodegradable and compostable, so they can break down naturally without harming the environment. Not only are these forks perfect for single-use meals, but they also help promote sustainable development and protect our planet.
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Wholesale Wooden Forks Instead of Plastic Forks!

Are you a restaurant or catering business owner looking for an eco-friendly and stylish alternative to plastic forks? Look no further than wooden forks wholesale! Wooden forks are a perfect choice for businesses looking to make a sustainable and stylish impression.

Made of 100% natural smooth birch wood, our wooden forks are biodegradable and compostable, sturdy and strong, aesthetically appealing, cost-effective, and sustainable. 

Wood is more sustainable than traditional plastics. According to research, wood has a lower environmental impact than plastic. While wood isn't completely free from plastic pollution, it does require less energy than the latter. It also costs less than plastic, so you save on the carbon footprint associated with plastic utensils. Also, wooden utensils are often made from fast-growing tree species.

What to Consider When Wholesale Disposable Wooden Forks?

Material - Choose High-Quality Birch Wood
When purchasing wooden forks in bulk, it is important to choose a high-quality material that is durable and long-lasting. Birch wood is a popular choice due to its strength and sustainability. Make sure to look for wooden forks made from high-quality birch wood for the best results.

Size and Shape of Wooden Forks
Wooden forks come in various shapes and sizes, so it is important to consider your specific needs before making a purchase. If you plan to use the forks for larger meals or dishes, a larger size may be more appropriate. Similarly, the shape of the fork may affect its usability and comfort, so make sure to choose a size and shape that works well for your needs.

Quantity of Wooden Forks
Before making a purchase, determine the quantity of wooden forks needed for your business or personal use. This will depend on factors such as the number of people you plan to serve, the frequency of use, and the size of your business. Buying in bulk can be more cost-effective, but make sure to purchase only what you need to avoid waste.

Compare Prices of Wooden Forks
Wooden forks come at various price points, so it is important to compare prices from different suppliers. Consider the quality of the forks, the quantity needed, and the supplier's reputation when making a decision. Remember, a higher price does not always guarantee higher quality, so make sure to do your research.

Packaging of Wooden Forks
The packaging of the wooden forks can also affect your decision. Look for products that come in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging to minimize waste. Additionally, make sure the packaging is durable enough to protect the forks during shipping and handling.

Shipping and Delivery Options
When purchasing wholesale disposable wooden forks, consider the shipping and delivery options offered by the supplier. Make sure the shipping costs are reasonable and that the delivery timeframe.

Why Wholesale Disposable Wooden Forks from Greenwood Ukraine

Fast Transport Services
The factory is located in the Ukraine, with easy access to land and water, and shorter transport times.
Efficient Business Model
Response within 24 hours, quotation within 48 hours, and samples confirmed within 72 hours.
OEM ODM Support
We turn customers' needs or ideas into finished products through OEM or ODM services.
Full Chain Production System
From the production of raw wood to the finished product, all is done in our own workshops, with controlled production capacity.
High Quality Control Standards
BRC quality system certification, LFGB product quality certification, and strict enterprise quality control standards ensure that the products are qualified.
Experienced in the Industry
We are experienced in production and have a design and development center to constantly upgrade our equipment to meet our customers' product needs.
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Customer Service
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